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  • 9/17/2017
    As technological platforms have become more powerful, our ability to deconstruct them has weakened. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act criminalizes farmers who disassemble tractors, hip-hop artists who sample vintage songs, and museum conservators who decompile obsolete software [...]
  • 1/9/2016
    As visiting luminary for the UMaine Digital Curation graduate program's fall 2015 teleconference, Craig Dietrich challenged its students to consider how culturally sensitive archives and linked data can break the monoculture of one-size-fits-all paradigms for access and publication [...]
  • 3/20/2014
    ANVC Info Design Director and USC Media Arts + Practice Research Assistant Professor Craig Dietrich recently sat down with the University of Maine’s John Bell for a detailed interview. In “Digital Scholarly Production and the Semantic Web,” published at HASTAC, Dietrich frames Scalar’s history involving Semantic Web technology and the Vectors Journal [...]

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    Spinning Scalar's import/export system in to its own middleware tool for use by many archives and publishing systems

    Creator: Craig Dietrich

    The Bachelor Masters

    One-third of the Bachelor / Bachelorette / Bachelor in Paradise podcast Bachelor Masters on iTunes and Google Play Music

    Website: The Maybe Men

    On the Word, Digital

    Article on digital duplication published in the Library DH special issue of dh+lib


    Digital Humanities at the Claremont Colleges, including the new DH Studio and DH150 at the Claremont Colleges Library

    Director, 2016: Craig Dietrich

    Tenants in Action (TIA)

    Submit housing violations directly to LA City agencies using conversational language

    Team: Adam Liszkiewicz (TIA Project Manager), Jyotswaroop Bawa (TIA Co-director), Craig Dietrich (TIA Co-director)
    Publisher: Strategic Actions for a Just Economy (SAJE)

    Digital Scholarly Production and the Semantic Web: An Interview with Craig Dietrich

    Interview by John Bell for HASTAC Scholars


    Scholarly publishing platform combining content and media via semantic web technology

    Team: Tara McPherson, Erik Loyer, Craig Dietrich, Steve Anderson, Jillian O'Conner
    Publisher: Alliance for Networking Visual Culture, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

    Walking Wall Street

    Immerse in the streets of Wall Streets around the United States

    Site of Impact

    Interviews with residents living near the proposed Los Angeles NFL stadium site

    Director: Craig Dietrich

    Police Violence Verdict Generator

    Activist media project based on real cases of police violence

    DexType for LEAP Motion

    Commercial for LEAP Motion DexType gestural keyboard.

    The Interpreters

    Designing narratives demonstrated by Natural History Museum staff

    Organizer: Craig Dietrich
    Presented at: USC School of Cinematic Arts Gallery
    Date: February 12, 2013

    After the Document Model for Scholarly Communication: Some Considerations for Authoring with Rich Media

    Article on digital publication

    Journal: Digital Studies / Le champ numérique
    Authors: Craig Dietrich and Jentery Sayers

    Occupy Roundtable

    Discussion series at USC and UCLA featuring OccupyLA participants and theorists

    Public Spaces essays

    Reflections on and interventions in urban environments and land use, so far in New York City and Los Angeles

    Redesigning Reality

    Week-long series featuring workshops where participants can remix and remake everyday objects and software

    Organizers: Craig Dietrich and Steve Anderson
    Presented by: USC Visions & Voices
    Date: February 24 - March 2, 2012

    A Path towards Global Reach: The Pool

    Chapter supporting networked environments in the classroom, with The Pool as a case study

    Learning From YouTube

    "Video-book" analysing YouTube's Pedagogical concerns while reimagining its interface, published by MIT Press

    Author: Alex Juhasz
    Designer: Craig Dietrich
    Publisher: MIT Press
    Date: February 7, 2011

    Unauthorized Pictures of Sony Pictures

    ... the guard ran out and told us we couldn't take pictures of Sony Pictures

    The Network of Ecology

    Talk series and companion installation show bringing "ecology" back to its source

    Director: Craig Dietrich
    Events: Panel Discussion featuring LA-based Ecologists, part of the USC Digitial Studies Symposium, The Natural History Museum's Age of Mammals Exhibit and Vivarium Jar Building (talk by Vanessa Vobis), Companion installation show at USC's Ronald Tutor Campus Center (November 2010-February 2011)
    Dates: October 2011 - February 2011

    Representing Culture via Agile Collaboration

    Chapter on developer ecosystems that priviliage small, bottom-up collaborations

    Magic at Without Borders

    Video installation featuring interviews with scholars and designers as they develop interactive media

    Creators: Craig Dietrich, John Bell, Vanessa Vobis
    Installed: Without Borders VI, UMaine Lord Hall Gallery
    Date: August - September, 2009

    Science Species Lab

    Ecology-centered installation show and companion workshop in California's Wine Country

    Creators: Vanessa Vobis, Annalisa Vobis, Craig Dietrich
    Installed: ArtSpace404, Arts Council of Sonoma County
    Date: Fall, 2009
    Press release: PDF

    Plateu Peoples' Web Portal

    Archive of Plateau people's cultural material, currated by Plateau Tribal members and WSU special collections

    Director: Kim Christen
    Lead Developer (2007-2009): Craig Dietrich
    Developers: Eric Volkernic, John Smith
    Presented in part by: Washington State Startup Grant, Northwest Computer Consortium


    Distribute and connect your papers using this easy-to-use web-based publishing system

    Please, Reply to All!

    Benefiting the digital environment one email at a time...

    Creator: Craig Dietrich
    Inspiration: /RR (Response Requested)

    Please, Do Not Reply to All!

    Inverse benefiting the digital environment one email at a time...

    Creator: Craig Dietrich
    Inspiration: /RNN (Response Not Neccessary)

    Mukurtu Archive

    Open source content management platform based on local cultural protocols of indigenous communities

    Director: Kim Christen
    Lead Developer (2005-2010): Craig Dietrich
    Presented in part by: Washington State Startup Grant, NEH Digital Start Up Grant
    Press: BBC News, Wendy Seltzer,

    Digital Dymamics

    Indigenous cultural archive and learning tool, published by the Vectors Journal

    Authors: Kim Christen & Chris Cooney
    Designer: Alessandro Ceglia
    Database: Craig Dietrich
    Presented by: Vectors Journal

    Unmarked Planes & Hidden Geographies

    Aesthetics of secret planes flown in the USA by the USA, published by the Vectors Journal

    Author: Trevor Paglen
    Designer: Raegan Kelly
    Developer: Craig Dietrich
    Presented by: Vectors Journal

    Panorama Ephemera

    Online version of Rick Prelinger's Panorama Ephemera, published by the Vectors Journal

    Author: Rick Prelinger
    Designer: Raegan Kelly
    Developer: Craig Dietrich
    Presented by: Vectors Journal

    Dynamic Backend Generator

    Relational writing canvas incoporated into dozens of scholarly multimedia projects


    Installations at Cedar Rapids' artist-run gallery and theater, Legion Arts | CSPS

    Creators: Katherine Parker, Vanessa Vobis with Craig Dietrich
    Installed: September 2008, Legion Arts|CSPS

    Airport runway lights

    Installation at the University of Iowa's art building portico featuring airport runway lights and companion runway

    Creator: Craig Dietrich
    Installed: Spring 2008, Iowa City

    Mall storefronts

    Some glossy, some not: store facades installation at the the iGallery in Iowa City

    Creator: Craig Dietrich
    Installed: Spring 2007, iGallery, Iowa City

    The Daily Palette OS X Dashboard Widget

    An artwork a day delivered to your OS X Dashboard (a hip place to be in 2005...)

    Creator: Craig Dietrich
    Presented by: University of Iowa Intermedia Area

    Goal 2006! Dynamic Trading Card

    Thirty-two teams and their contry profiles represented

    Director: Jon Winet
    Technology Director: Craig Dietrich
    Presented in part by: DiverseWorks, Houston


    University of Southern California
    School of Cinematic Arts

    • IML400: Web-based Scholarly Multimedia (Fall 09-Spring 2012)
    • IML104: Intro to Digital Studies (Spr 11-Spring 2012)
    • IML140: Digital Media for the Sciences (Fall 10)
    • IML140: Virtual Galleries and Web-based Narratives (Fall 09, Spr 10)

    Work examples pending

    University of Maine
    New Media Department

    • NMD206: Project Design Lab 1 (Fall 08, Spr 09)
    • NMD205: Creative Hypertext (Fall 08)
    • NMD203: Intro to Variable Media (Fall 08)

    Work examples pending

    University of Iowa
    School of Art & Art History

    • 1J:091: Intermedia 2 (Spr 08)

    Work examples pending

    "He knows what he is talking about, is interested in the field and loves to help us figure out new ways to use the technologies from class to achieve our goals"
    "Very interested in what students have to say and encourages us to do projects about our interests."
    "Craig left a lot of room for interpretation and autobiography, keeping the class meetings fun and interesting on so many levels. Craig is New Media, learning with and about his students on a critical level."
    "Craig was very up-front about his thoughts and expectations as well as showing some much appreciated enthusiasm and interest in his students"
    "Craig is one of the most dedicated teachers. I have met with many times [sic] outside of class and he always made time and was a tremendous help to me."

    Photos and Video in Others' Articles, Blogs & Creative Writing

    Broccoli Seeds at Bonsallo Ave Urban Garden

    Vanessa in the Los Angeles urban garden: broccoli seeds from the garden for planting

    Ivanpah Solar Power Facility

    Looking west towards Ivanpah's three boiler towers.

    Ivanpah Solar Power Facility

    Looking north towards Ivanpah's eastern boiler tower

    Space Shuttle Endeavour arrives at LA Exposition Park

    The shuttle moves past a crowd in front of the LA Memorial Coliseum

    Borax Boron Open Pit Mine, Boron, California

    Borax Boron Mine, the largest open pit mine in the US, in Boron, CA, near California City, CA

    Borax Boron Open Pit Mine, Boron, California

    Borax Boron Mine, the largest open pit mine in the US, in Boron, CA, near California City, CA

    Water utility in western California City, California

    Water utility on Diane Ct culdesac, part of the expansive grid of undeveloped streets

    Los Angeles Metro Expo Line Opening Day

    Rider photographs himself at the Pico St Expo Line station on the line's opening day

    Downtown New York City Two Months After Zuccotti Park Raid

    The New York Stock Exchange, 11 Wall St, on 15 January 2012

    New York City High Line Park

    High Line Park, Chelsea, NY, on a crisp day in January, 2012

    Delhi Metro Airport Express

    Delhi Airport Metro Express on the above ground segment, 14 December 2012

    Right to the City Los Angeles: Tax the Rich Shuffle

    SAJE / Right to the City Tax the Rich Shuffle outside Citicorp's downtown offices

    Broadway Ave New York City: Walkways

    Broadway Ave New York City: Walkways

    Pedestrian walkways on Broadway Ave (Times Square), New York City, 10 February 2011

    #OccupyLA protest at Los Angeles City Hall

    #OccupyLA protest at Los Angeles City Hall

    Library tent at #OccupyLA, 23 October 2011

    #OccupyLA protest at Los Angeles City Hall

    #OccupyLA protest at Los Angeles City Hall

    Downtown Los Angeles #OccupyLA protest, 1 October 2011

    #OccupyLA protest at Los Angeles City Hall

    #OccupyLA protest at Los Angeles City Hall

    Downtown Los Angeles #OccupyLA protest, 1 October 2011

    Raymond Ave Community Garden

    Raymond Ave Community Garden

    Raymond Ave (South Los Angeles) Community Garden Annual Fundraiser, 1 April 2011

    Milo, Maine, the Fire and the Future

    Interview with Roger Merchant, Milo, Maine. Part of the ongoing video series, USA Today

    Recent Presentations

    American Studies Association, Los Angeles

    Presenter, "Teaching LA", 7 November 2014

    THATCamp SoCal, Cal State Fullerton

    Presenter, "Web Publishing with Scalar", 14 September 2012

    West Virginia University

    Presenter, "Vectors, Scalar, & Magic: Emerging Platforms for E-lit Scholarship", 20-23 June 2012

    URL pending

    Computers and Writing
    NC State

    Presenter, "Hacking the Classroom: A Roundtable of Lightning Talks", 17-20 May 2012

    URL pending

    Society for Cinema and Media Studies, Boston

    Chair, "Teaching the Moving Target", 21 March 2012

    URL pending

    College Art Associaiton
    Los Angeles

    Presenter, "Art History in the Digital Age: A Hands-On Workshop", 25 Feb 2012

    URL pending

    IEEE Semantic Computing

    Topical Keynote, "Semantic Web Authoring: Bridging Disciplines, Archives, and Scholarly Nuances", 19 Sep 2011

    URL pending

    Digital Humanities Week

    Keynote, "Many-To-Many Engagement in the Digital Humanities", 26 Sep 2011

    Critical Code Studies Summer Symposium, USC

    Participant, topics in CCS as a series of open discussions, 3 Aug 2011

    URL pending

    Coalition for Networked Information, San Diego

    Panalist, "Realizing Scalar Capacities To Transform Media Archive Scholarship", 4 Apr 2011

    URL pending

    Reimagining The Archive Symposium, UCLA

    Presenter, "Beyond relational: Database dynamics of Scalar", 13 Nov 2010

    URL pending

    HASTAC 2010:
    Grand Challenges and Global Innovations

    Chair, "Avoiding a Cultural Bottleneck: Networked, Distributed, and Agile Collaborations", Apr '10

    URL pending

    Digital Media and Learning

    Panelist, "Setting Critical and Creative Parameters for a Cross-Disciplinary/ Platform Research Agenda", 19 Feb 2010

    URL pending